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Welcome to my Old School Bodybuilding Blog it is a free blog resource all about old school bodybuilding routines, diets and supplements. Get started by reading the articles below:

What is Old School Bodybuilding so what exactly does old school bodybuilding consist of?

Old School vs. New School Bodybuilding is one of the most controversial and popular subjects being discussed today. Many bodybuilding insiders feel that old school bodybuilding techniques are far superior to the modern bodybuilding techniques.

Old School Bodybuilding Diet in the 1970s, all-you-can eat restaurants were much more common then they are today. Bodybuilders used to bulk up by eating as much food as possible in these places.

Old School Bodybuilding Routines forget the new fads and equipment out there today that might cost you a fortune. Try old school for a change and get the results you want.

Arthur Jones High Intensity Workouts his theory was that short, controlled workouts using single sets and maximum weight would maximize the effectiveness of muscle growth.

How Did Mike Mentzer Workout Mike Mentzer did not utilize many of the traditional workout concepts. Rather, he explored a theory known as "Heavy Duty Training".

Casey Viator Colorado Experiment Workout in twenty eight days, Casey gained 63 pounds of lean muscle, an incredible achievement.

The New Bodybuilding For Old School Results Review the book brings the reader back to the Golden Days of HIT when training was hard and few used any performance enhancing drugs.

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